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Mini Grants and School Gardens


May contain: a hummingbird drinking nectar from flowers

Mini-Grants for up to $500 are available from the RCRCD to school and youth groups of all ages to help fund outdoor conservation projects such as gardens, tree plantings, and re-vegetation projects. Projects must be located within our district boundaries. Please view our Conservation Project Mini-Grant Application below for more information.  

Mini Grant Application PDFMini Grant Application Fillable PDF

To request funds, please submit a completed application to the district, explaining the proposed project and expected costs. Applications are accepted throughout the year, and are reviewed and considered by the Board of Directors at their monthly meetings. 

If you would like to plant native plants in your school garden, consult the California Native Plant Societies' book Southern California Native Plants for School Gardens. It can be purchased from the CNPS website at

School Gardens and Outdoor Projects

Need ideas for starting a school garden?

First determine the purpose of your garden.

Do you hope to grow food, attract butterflies, go native, or simply beautify?

May contain: Students holding butterflies that were raised and now getting released.

Planning involves measuring the space, drawing it to scale, researching plants, soliciting funds, and installing irrigation.

Don't forget about scheduling maintenance, weeding, and watering.

May contain: vehicle, transportation, barrow, wheelbarrow, soil, and outdoors

What will you do with those garden wastes? Compost or add to the landfill problem? What are different composting methods?

For information about composting, contact the Riverside County Master Composters. The website for Riverside County's Waste Management Department and the Master Composters is Alternatively, call 1-800-366-SAVE or (909) 955-1370 and ask for the Recycling Department.

A list of School Garden Resources