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Outreach Programs and Events

The Riverside-Corona Resource Conservation District helps promote and participates in a variety of outreach programs and events each year, supporting the various communities within our district. Cumulatively, thousands of people attend the events and are offered free educational materials and resources. Our education staff also provides hands-on activities, that appropriately tie into the theme of each event, and help educate the public about our work and how to conserve our natural resources. 

The RCRCD Resource Educators are available to present the following programs for community groups, staff meetings, high school level students, and public events.

Helps Create a Sustainable Community explores ways to conserve resources in three land use areas: urban, agriculture, and native habitats. A booklet by the same name is given to those who attend this program.

Arroyos: Sanctuaries for Wildlife (a joint project with the Riverside Land Conservancy; developed from a State and Private Forestry Grant).

Keep our Water Clean: Healing Waterways explains human impacts on water quality and wildlife habitat.

Home Gardening... Simple and Environmentally Friendly tells about sustainable backyard management including alternatives to pesticides, irrigation scheduling, and composting.

For more information please contact Erin Snyder at

Educational Outreach and Collaboration with Other Groups

The District hosts educational meetings, such as for the local chapters of the California Native Plant Society (CNPS), the Inland Urban Forest Council, Riverside Food System Alliance and more. The RCRCD seeks new ways to coordinate with others to help sustain natural resources. The District works with organizations, agencies, businesses and individuals at federal, state and local levels. If you are seeking assistance with a project, please contact District Manager, Shelli Lamb at