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Permit Assistance

Permit Assistance

The RCRCD works with cooperating landowners and the community to conserve land. Numerous agencies collaborate to permit, fund, and monitor the restoration work that is completed on conservation lands:

  • Army Corps of Engineers (404 or Nationwide permits)
  • California Department of Fish and Game (1600 Permits)
  • Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board (401 Permits)
  • US Fish and Wildlife Service (Biological Opinion) 
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These regulatory agencies review plans and proposed actions that might impact waterways and habitat. For example, it’s essential that sensitive birds are not disturbed during breeding and nesting season. Therefore, no work is permitted in waterways during spring and into summer.

Counties and cities also have plans and ordinances that are designed to protect wildlife and water quality. There are special requirements for building near waterways to prevent encroachment and limit stream alteration.